UK writers get online publishing deal

Time for UK authors to follow in the footsteps of King and have a bash at publishing online

UK specialist publishing house Nighthawk is aiming to give British authors the chance to make the most out of online publishing with a new Internet service, it was announced Tuesday.

This comes just a few weeks after US horror author Stephen King embarked on his own online publishing venture. King has published instalments of his latest book online on the condition that at least 75 percent of readers pay $1 per episode. So far, this experiment has proved a success.

Nighthawk publishing which specialises in computer security books, however, believes that it offers a more flexible service to authors.

"At Nighthawk Publishing we are also authors and understand the frustrations suffered by authors as a result of the slow process of traditional publishing," says commissioning editor Richard Johnstone-Bryden. "The new Nighthawk service will offer savings to readers, improved financial rewards for authors and new flexibility in information access."

As well as publishing material in digital format, Nighthawk will allow readers to order hard copies in paper, CD and DVD format from the company's Web site.

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