Ultratech snaps up IBM semiconductor patents

In pursuit of the progression of Moore's Law, Ultratech snaps up IBM patents related to the manufacture, composition and structure of semiconductors.

San Jose, Calif.-based Ultratech announced yesterday that it has acquired to several IBM patents on semiconductor bumping and packaging.

The collection includes patents referring to C4 bumping, Ball Grid Arrays, lead-free solders and 3D packaging as well as claims for the manufacture, composition and structure of semiconductors. The collection includes U.S. and foreign patents.

Ultratech supplies lithography and laser-processing systems used to manufacture semiconductor devices. It sees the patents as key to its mission: the pursuit of high throughput, high production yields and low costs for bump packaging of integrated circuits and high-brightness LEDs.

If that's all Greek to you, just know this: Ultratech is one of many firms trying to see Moore's Law progress beyond 32 nanometers, which would in turn allow consumer electronics to be smaller, cheaper, more powerful and more energy-efficient. It believes this collection of patents will help it get there.