Uni of Adelaide adds a twist of Citrix

The University of Adelaide will roll out 20,000 XenDesktop licences over three years.

Citing demand for mobile access to information and learning applications, the University of Adelaide announced on Wednesday that it will be rolling out 20,000 XenDesktop licences over the next 36 months, as well as adding XenServer and NetScaler into the University's technology stack.

"The ability to provide those students better mobile access to tools is essential," said Ian Willis, acting associate director, Customer and Production Services, at the University of Adelaide in a statement. "Our IT infrastructure also has to support the thousands of supported PCs across the campus for student use — ensuring they are secure, up to date, and able to be used by students from different faculties."

During this semester, the university has seen success in its initial 500-licence rollout of XenDesktop, and has scheduled further rollouts over the next 12 months to cater for increased adoption of BYOD and thin clients across the institution.

Last week, it was announced that Cisco would begin bundling Citrix's NetScaler application delivery controller into the networking vendor's Unified Fabric Cloud Network Services lineup.

Citrix has increasingly been positioning itself as an enterprise mobility player , with products such as HDX Mobile offering native functionality to Windows applications running on mobile devices.