In 1837, E. Remington & Sons introduced the first commercially-viable typewriter.

In 1837, E. Remington & Sons introduced the first commercially-viable typewriter. Remington then delivered its UNIVAC computer to the U.S. Census Bureau, and makes history in 1952 by predicting the election of the country's president before the polls closed.

Almost 132 years and several strategic acquisitions later, the company is now called Unisys and is an established IT services and solutions provider with more than 36,000 employees in over 100 countries worldwide. Services, which include outsourcing, infrastructure management, systems integration and consulting, currently account for 81 percent of the company's total revenues.

Unisys specializes in delivering products and services to six key vertical markets: financial services, public sector, communications, transportation and commercial. Its product offerings include the Unisys ClearPath mainframes and servers, and the ES7000 Real-Time Enterprise servers designed for Microsoft Windows environments.

The company's clientele includes Northwest Airlines, BMW Bank, HSBC and GE Capital Bank, all of which have awarded long-term service contracts to Unisys. The Government of Malaysia is also a customer, having turned to Unisys for help in developing a multipurpose smart card to be distributed to 17 million citizens. The smart card, called MyKad, consolidates a Malaysian's driver's license and identification card for use in bill and toll payment, ATM banking and parking/public transport.

New Zealand's tax collection and administration department also uses the Unisys ClearPath system, with two Libra 580 servers, which have helped the Inland Revenue reduce its disaster recovery time from 72 hours to minutes, and achieve an estimated 20 percent cost reduction.