United Continental deploys 11,000 iPads under Apple's B2B App Store program

Boeing's Jeppesen unit will deliver customer apps to 11,000 iPads deployed throughout United Continental via Apple's B2B App Store.

United Continental said it will deploy 11,000 Apple iPads to its pilots in an effort to create a "paperless flight deck."

In a statement, United Continental said that all pilots will get iPads.

These electronic flight bags will replace flight manuals and deliver aeronautical navigation charts via an app. All pilots will have iPads by the end of the year.

The iPads feature the Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck app. Jeppesen is a unit of Boeing and has delivered flight plans, navigation and other data to pilots via paper.

Jeppesen was an early adopter of Apple's B2B App Store and previously said that the company would deliver custom apps via the iPad. Last month, Chris Kiley, Jeppesen senior manager of Web and mobile solutions, said Apple's B2B App Store enabled "us to better manage specific app versions among a large customer base.”

For United Continental, the move to paperless iPads will save 326,000 gallons of jet fuel each year. For airlines, every ounce of weight that's cut from a flight translates into fuel savings.

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