Unitrends looks to migrate traditional offsite archival storage to the cloud

Hopes to entice customers to move on-premise backups to their commercial cloud

Unitrends, with the introduction of its Forever Cloud, is looking to convince its customers, most of whom still use traditional on-premise backup solutions, to move to its hybrid-cloud backup process where inexpensive long-term data retention in the cloud replaces local backups of archival data.

Currently offering a mix of physical and virtual appliances that support VMware and Hyper-V, as well as some products that support backup and disaster recovery for Cisco UCS and XenServer as well, Unitrends believes that providing inexpensive long-term storage in its commercial cloud offering is the best way for its customers to implement their Information Lifecycle Management goals.

The Unitrends ILM strategy is based around their disk-to-disk-to-anything model (D2D2x) using both file and image backups. It also offers a cloud based Disaster Recovery as a service, which can provide support for bare metal restoration for its clients.


Forever Cloud, which offers a fixed price for a complete backup set (daily, weekly, monthly, plus annual), is meant to make the concept of the cloud as an archival storage solution a cost-effective one. Pricing is based on the amount of protected data the customer wishes to backup, not the amount of cloud storage consumed, so the actual size of the backups doesn't impact the overall costs as long as the backups are focused on the predefined protected data.

While Unitrends is providing its own cloud services, it also allows customers to hook into third-party public clouds, giving them additional options in where and how their company data is stored. Unitrends' goal is to provide an end-to-end data protection scheme to support its customers' ILM plans, from their physical hardware appliances to virtual services with its own and public cloud infrastructures.

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