Universal Desktop Daily - Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Flex Cookbook is released, Rich Internet Applications and travel, Mark Anders on Apollo, Flex and WPF and OpenLaszlo "Legals" becomes OpenLaszlo 4.0.

  • The Flex Cookbook has been released to beta this week. The site is a partnership between Adobe and O'Reilly and should prove to be a good resource for Flex developers. Those that contribute also have a shot at having their solution published in an O'Reilly book.
  • ehotelier.com has a fun article about Rich Internet Applications and travel. I hadn't heard of most of the sites mentioned in the article but I thought this was a unique slant on RIAs and worth a mention.
  • Mark Anders has an interview in The Register about Apollo, Flex and WPF. Mark has been in the industry a long time and is always worth checking out. I found this via Mike Chambers who has some additional thoughts on the article. He mentions the idea of RIAs being cross platform by definition. That's something I disagree with and I think it's worthy of an entire post so I won't go into detail here. Suffice to say that I think RIAs running on only Mac or only Windows are still RIAs.
  • OpenLaszlo "Legals" got a rename to OpenLaszlo 4.0. It sounds like a beta build may be available soon.