Universal Desktop Daily - Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A new version of Flash Player 9, DRM and documents with Adobe's new Document Center, Windows Presentation Foundation and SVG and Marco Casario on Flex 2 and Flash Lite.

Georgia O'Keeffe born today

Sorry I'm late this morning, but hopefully better late than never. I just have a few quick items

  • A new version of Flash Player 9 has been released. This supports full screen mode, includes Windows Vista support, and has some bug fixes.
  • A good post by John Dowdell on DRM and documents. I think there's a link between RIAs and "paper" and DRMed documents play a role in that. I want to explore this more. Mike Potter has more info about what brought this up, Adobe Document Center.
  • Rob Relyea addresses an issue with Windows Presentation Foundation and SVG. It's worth checking out and gives some good insight into WPF.
  • Lastly, Marco Casario has a good article up about Web and Mobile Convergence with Flex 2 and Flash Lite. That's one of the big plusses with Rich Internet Applications; you abstract the data and put a very rich experience around it that is tailored to the device.


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