Universal Desktop Daily - Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Flash to XAML converter, Bruce Chizen talks some smack, reviews of Adobe's Document Center and the next version of Windows Mobile and some opinions on Kuler.

  • I found the SWF2XAML converter by Mike Swanson yesterday via Karsten Januszewski. Mike also has an Illustrator converter which does the same thing. I think this is a good way for Flash people to jump into XAML and see what it is all about. The converter doesn't do everything, but it will give Flash folks a big head start if they are using WPF for the first time. A video is up on Channel 9
  • From Bruce Chizen: "Oh I love Google. Google is a big threat for Microsoft and distracts it from the rest of us. [Google] is simultaneously our heat shield and an important partner." Hmmm. I think Microsoft is more than capable of fighting a two front battle. A lot of their energy has been directed at Google, but the animosity is definitely increasing between Adobe and Microsoft.
  • Two good reviews. One is on Adobe's Document Center which is a big step for RIAs that need to connect to the physical world. I'm hoping to have more on this after Thanksgiving. The second is on Crossbow, the next iteration of Microsoft's mobile operating system. Lots of great information and screenshots. I'm excited about Crossbow and especially what it might mean for WPF/E.
  • Robby, a WPF ninja was blown away by Kuler, Adobe's newest web application. The more I dig into it, the more fun it is. I suggest spending 10 minutes just messing around.

For those in the states, have a great Thanksgiving! I'll be home visiting my parents in Colorado, but I'll probably be blogging still so keep an eye out between the turkey and the cranberry sauce.