University to use iPads to cut electricity costs

CSU installs a lighting system that can be controlled from an iPad.

Energy Upgrade CA

Last year, California State University in Fullerton cut lighting energy consumption in their gym by 66 percent by installing a wireless control system. Now they plan to take this a step further and make it so that the system can be controlled from an iPad.

The University worked in conjunction with Lutron electronics, a Pennsylvania-based company to retrofit the building. By the fall, Lutron will have developed an app that allows mobile device users to enter a password and control the entire system. This entire system--and the fact that it can be controlled from a tablet PC--represents a significant energy-saving advantage to the previous system, which consisted of just one set of switches to light the whole gym.

According to Lutron account manager Mark Terzano, this system allows the university to "adjust the [gymnasium] lights individually to suit the function going on in the space.” If a small group of students wants to use part of the gym, they'd be able to do so without lighting the entire building the way it would be lit for a large event.

[via GovTech]

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