"Unlocked" iPhones on eBay

A number of "unlocked" iPhones seem to be on sale on eBay.

An iPhone but be free of AT&T?  Dream on!

A number of "unlocked" iPhones seem to be on sale on eBay.  Given that there's no confirmed unlock method for the iPhone there listings are either erroneous or deceptive.  Many of the sellers when questioned on this seem to be retracting their statements about the iPhone being unlocked, but there's still plenty of scope for buyers to be scammed into buying a phone that's not suitable to their needs.

Earlier today there were some unlock codes for the iPhone for sale on eBay but these seem to have gone now.  I wouldn't be surprised to see eBay do something about these "unlocked" iPhone listing pretty soon.

It's important for people to be aware that iPhone means being tied to AT&T.  Even if working unlock hacks become available, an unlocked iPhone will have limited functionality (for example, forget about visual voicemail working).