Unveiled: A brand new Nokia

Nokia has launched a new regional brand strategy campaign for theAsia Pacific market which will encompass the mobile phone manufacturer's newrange of products and services.

SINGAPORE--Nokia has launched a new regional brand strategy campaign for the Asia Pacific market which will encompass the mobile phone manufacturer's new range of products and services.

Dubbed “Connect to Life”, it was developed to address the changes in personal lifestyles and the growing consumer demand in the cellular market over the past few years. Nokia claimed that the campaign is aimed at encouraging the masses to develop a "passion for life and be inspired to live life to the fullest".

According to Nigel Litchfield, Nokia Mobile Phones (Asia Pacific) senior vice president, the campaign is a response to the evolving competitive landscape and the advent of converging technologies.

“In Asia Pacific, our brand values have been communicated through the ‘Human Technology' platform for the past four years (which) has been successful in promoting Nokia’s philosophy of making products that are intuitively designed, user-friendly, innovative and above all, with human-inspired technology.

“We see the need for the Nokia brand to evolve to one that will create the impetus for us to move towards the mobile information society (and) enable people to enjoy greater freedom, mobility, convenience and enhanced personal communication”, Litchfield said.

“For the new brand strategy, there is more emphasis on the new elements that is coming into business today and the shifts that the industry is going through...(it is to) get new technologies and new enablers to open up different kinds of information exchange, specific to the Internet”, said Bengt-Ake Gyllenberg, Nokia Mobile Phones (Asia Pacific) vice president of Sales.

Gyllenberg explained that the new campaign stressed on person-to-person communication and connection to information, which includes accessing daily updates, entertainment, work-related data and other mobile activities.

The “Connect to Life” campaign will be launched via various mass media such as print and broadcast in the third quarter of 2001, and is currently being showcased at the “Nokia Connection” event, an experiential lifestyle and technology affair targeted at business partners and media from the Asia Pacific region.