Update: Most Zoho services restored

The small-business cloud applications provider is still looking into the root cause of the service disruption and why it was so widespread.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

Cloud service provider Zoho reports that as of midday Pacific time, most of its services -- including Zoho Mail, Support and Books -- are back online but that it is still experiencing some limited outages.

"We still are not completely out of the woods, and we are monitoring all services closely," the small business apps provider wrote in its blog.

The company said earlier in the day that the incident was related to network connectivity problems in its data center. It still has not completely identified the root cause, but its initial investigation suggests a reverse DNS failure within one of its subnets.

"We still are trying to determine why it failed, why it didn't trigger other type of alerts and why this failure resulted in such a service outage," the company wrote.

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