Update: Tech glitch locks up stock exchange

As tech shares continue to fall, traders are shut out of the London stock exchange -- no time set for recovery

As if UK traders didn't have enough trouble, with tech shares dropping in the wake of a "guilty" ruling in Microsoft's anti-trust case, technical problems have now halted most activity on the London Stock Exchange.

Brokers are unable to see the prices shares are trading at, making most trading activity impossible, the exchange has confirmed. According to sources, the problem is serious, with no estimated time for fixing it.

A spokeswoman for the exchange told ZDNet this morning that "a technical problem with the price feed" had been identified and was being dealt with. The spokeswoman said an announcement would follow shortly.

More details to follow.

Tony Westbrook has been watching technology company stock prices as they race to the floor over the last few days. But he's spotted the reason why they will have to bounce back -- one day. Go to anchorDesk UK for the news comment.