Updated: Best last-minute Christmas deals on Apple iPad Air, mini tablets

The final days for holiday shopping can't match Black Friday for sales, but procrastinators can save a little on iPads with these specials.


[Update: Staples is offering discounts on some iPad models this week, which, while not as steep as those listed below, do currently appear available online and may be the best available at the very, very last minute.

These include $40 off an original 32GB iPad Air, dropping the price to $409, $30 off the 16GB Air, and $20 off the iPad mini 2. Target has added some store gift card deals since this weekend, now offering a $50 credit with the purchase of a new iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 at full price, and has changed the specials for the original Air and iPad mini 2, which now sell again for full price but earn you a $30 Target gift card.

Best Buy's deals have evaporated as well, save for $10 off the original iPad mini, but Micro Center's aggressive price reductions remain available in-store. Walmart continues to offer no current sales on iPads.]

With Christmas falling in the middle of the week this year, this week is the last one to grab gifts. If you've been procrastinating, then you've missed out on some major deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but that doesn't mean you can't hunt around for a little bit of savings if you can find it. For those looking to give the gift of tech for Xmas, here are a handful of last-minute specials on that always-popular present, an Apple iPad.

If you don't mind a slightly older model, Best Buy is taking $50 off the first-generation iPad Air and the iPad mini 2 for Wi-Fi versions, and $100 off for Wi-Fi plus cellular editions. That drops the base price of the 16GB iPad Air to $349.99 and the 16GB iPad mini 2 to $249.99. Members of BJ's warehouse club can save $20 off the iPad Air 2, if you want to give the latest full-size Apple tablet at the lowest price.

Target is doing Best Buy one better on the original iPad Air -- not only is it taking $50 off the original price, but it's also throwing in a $25 Target gift card on the 16GB Wi-Fi model to entice you further. It's likewise slashing $50 from the iPad mini 2 price, and $30 from the first-generation iPad mini price (now $219). Note that many of the configurations area already out of stock online, so you may need to head out to brick-and-mortar stores. As of this writing, Walmart surprisingly does not have any iPad deals, though that's subject to change at any time leading up to Christmas.

If you live near a Micro Center location, you may get the best iPad prices of all. That includes the original 16GB iPad mini for $199.99, the base iPad mini 2 for $229.99, and the new iPad mini 3 for $299.99 ($50, $70, and $100 off, respectively). You can also score $100 discounts on the 16GB iPad Air (starting price of $299.99) and iPad Air 2 ($399.99), with varying discounts for other configurations. Of special note is a 32GB iPad Air for just $329.99, $70 less than Apple is selling the 16GB version for. Again, these deals are in-store only, so don't head straight to the website looking to buy these online.

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