Updates coming soon for B&N Nook and Nook for Android

Barnes & Noble announced that a couple of updates will be coming soon for their Nook dedicated ereader device and Nook for Android application. Look for better synchronization, faster page turns, and more.

I am still very happy with my original Barnes & Noble Nook and buy all of my ebooks from the B&N store since I can read them on the Nook, iPad, iPod touch, or Android devices that I have. I just received word that a MAJOR update, version 1.5, will be coming to the Nook 3G and Nook Wi-Fi in late November. This update will increase page turn speed, improve search, better support for reading synchronization across all devices enabled with Nook apps, and more. The current page turn speed on my Nook is just fine, but faster is always better for page turns so I do look forward to the update.

Nook for Android will also be getting an update, but this one should be coming later this week. Nook for Android version 2.3 includes the ability to go to a specific page, search within a book, view highlights and notes, delete books from the library, and an updated home screen. Side-loading support will also be made easier with this updated version.