UPS LG manages National Semiconductor global distributions center

UPS Logistics Group selected to manage global distribution for National Semiconductors. As a result, a state-of-the-art global distribution center in Singapore opens.

SINGAPORE - UPS Logistics Group, a subsidiary of United Parcel Service, Inc. (NYSE:UPS), was awarded a 5-year US$150 million contract to manage National Semiconductor's (NYSE:NSM) global supply chain.

National Semiconductor Corporation (National) and the UPS Logistics Group (UPS LG) opened a new Global Distribution Center here in Pandan Crescent. The UPS Logistics Group facility, which will manage more than 450,000 semiconductor orders a year, is dedicated to National Semiconductor.

UPS LG will manage all National chips as they move from manufacturing plants in Malaysia and Singapore to the Global Distribution Center in Singapore and then on to customers around the world.

According to Doug Anderson, Chief Financial Officer, UPS LG has invested in a state-of-the-art facility and leading-edge information systems to help National achieve high standards of customer service in the semiconductor industry.

The Singapore facility is designed to accommodate rapid order fulfillment, with an average delivery time of 48 hours on a global basis. The design is also scalable-- anticipating National's rapid growth forecasts.

"National expects to ship more than 4 billion products this year as compared to approximately 2 billion shipped in 1999," says Mr. Kamal Aggarwal, Executive Vice-President, Central Technology Manufacturing Group, National Semiconductor.
The Center is designed to receive an average of 12 million units a day. Operations utilize Radio-Frequency, Bar Code Scanning and web-based technology.

In addition to the Global Distribution Center, UPS Logistics also will operate a 24-hour customer call center to respond to urgent enquiries.

"In selecting UPS Logistics, we have chosen a cost-competitive logistics provider who offers strong supply chain expertise and cost optimisation. This is achieved through streamlined processes, flexible carrier-neutral transportation options, closed-loop security, and web-based information systems that provide 100% real-time track and trace capabilities," said Mr. Aggarwal.

Proprietary information systems developed by UPS Logistics make it possible to monitor the receipt, storage, shipment and delivery of chips regardless of location, carrier or customer destination. These information tools promote better delivery reliability and ultimately foster customer satisfaction.

Guest of Honor at the opening ceremony, Mr. Liew Heng San, Managing Director of Singapore's Economic Development Board said that the EDB will continue to support and encourage the growth of such knowledge-based manufacturing and logistics activities in Singapore.

About National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor provides system-on-a-chip solutions for the information age. Combining real-world analog and state-of-the-art digital technology, the company's chipslead many sectors of the personal computer, communications and consumer markets.

About UPS Logistics Group
The UPS Logistics Group, a subsidiary of United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE:UPS), provides a full specturm of global supply chain management services. Based in Atlanta, the company offers these key services: Global Supply Chain network management, transportation services, supply chain technologies and service parts logistics.