Upstart cloud provider Sliced Tech takes on the big boys

Sliced Tech gains federal government clients, aims to grow its government and enterprise user base, reports David Hazan.

Small Aussie cloud business Sliced Tech may not have the brand recognition of larger competitors, but business technology analyst Longhaus ranked it 19th in its 2012 independent cloud capability market survey, ahead of larger companies like Verizon (22nd), Optus (25th) and Macquarie Telecom (32nd).

Sliced Tech Managing Director Jason McClure

Fifteen full-time employees and a large pool of contractors deliver services from datacentres in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Canberra.

Sliced Tech's flagship product is managed services but it also delivers a range of Infrastructure, Platform, and Software-as-a-service offerings including email, compute services, storage, networking, and security. Managing Director Jason McClure cites Sliced Tech's specialist government community cloud product as a differentiator. 

McClure says the business has achieved significant growth in the government sector after inclusion on the Australian government's Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS) Multi Use List (MUL). He says it demonstrates to government agencies that "we've been able to meet all the government security requirements and other requirements."

Its federal government clients include the Department of Industry, the Department of Education and Employment, the Department of Finance, and Comcare.

Sliced Tech's multi-tenancy cloud services are also aimed at corporate clients, especially those who are "looking for more than just a commodity-type offering." The business also offers local Australian support.

Its larger industry partners include Microsoft, HP and VMware, and the company aims to deliver what McClure calls "Amazon-style" services to its clients.

McClure says the company has a clear growth strategy for the next two years based on acquiring wholesale partners, beefing up delivery capacity and providing services that comply with regulatory requirements.