Urban EV to cost only $7,000

StreetScooter is developing a lightweight EV for the urban commuter that gets 50 miles per charge and costs around $7,000.

Looking for an EV to get you around town without shelling out upwards of $30,000?

Recent studies have shown that most potential EV buyers would not be content with the current EV range offerings on the market. But the fact is, most urban commuting does not exceed around 25 miles per day.

The developers behind the European-made StreetScooter kept this in mind when conceiving of the lightweight model. The two-seater gets less than 50 miles per charge. But it also costs around $7,000 (plus the cost of the battery lease). For the urban commuter, the price might just be worth the size and range constraints.

The StreetScooter, which is expected to comply with highway safety regulations and reach a top speed of about 74 miles per hour, is not your typical EV. StreetScooter brings together more than 80 suppliers of auto parts, electronics companies, and engineering firms. Though there is a management team involved, the idea is that each firm would bring its own expertise to bear in creating an affordable, lightweight electric vehicle. Think of it as open-source auto manufacturing.

Production is expected to start in 2013 in Europe, although the company has not indicated when the StreetScooter will be available in the United States.

Readers, what do you think? Would you invest in a low-cost EV that could get you to and from work, but would not be much help on a longer road trip?

See the StreetScooter in action:

Photos: StreetScooter

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