U.S., EU sign organic trade deal

U.S. and EU will now have the same standards for labeling foods organic to facilitate intercontinental trade.

The U.S. and EU announced a historic deal on Wednesday that will expand the organic food industry.

Starting June 1, all products certified organic by the U.S. or EU will be authorized for sale in both places. The agreement will reduce a lot of bureaucratic red tape, which has limited the sale of organic products shipped between countries and will be a boon to a market already worth $50 between the U.S. and EU.

Wall Street Journal reports:

"This partnership will open new markets for American farmers and ranchers, create more opportunities for small businesses, and result in good jobs for Americans who package, ship, and market organic products," U.S. Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan said.

Prior to the deal, organic growers and producers needed to obtain a second certification to sell goods in overseas markets, which meant double the fees and additional inspections.

The new deal will help strengthen the standards of organic food and allow more organic foods to be sold on both sides of the Atlantic.

EU, U.S. in Organic Food Pact  [via WSJ]

Photo: flickr/Richard Smith

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