US Government gets into the Datacenter Rating Game

The EPA joins the party in putting metrics on your datacenters. Who else can you look forward to putting their two cents in?

Now that the United States government has gotten into the game, it's time to once again update your datacenter metrics scorecard. Here's my current list of national or international groups setting or applying standards to rate the efficiency of your datacenter:

PUE and DCiE standards

Owners of the Tier Model and the forthcoming Sustainability benchmark

 Internationally recognized certification of environmentally responsible facilities

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers

Yes, the same people that rate your home appliances

National Australian Built Environmental Rating System - a performance-based rating system for facilities

This, of course, doesn't reflect any local standards or agencies that might be looking at ways to measure the efficacies of your datacenter, such as the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, which, like the US federal government, is in the position to hand out gobs of taxpayer dollars to fund initiatives to make datacenters more efficient