U.S. government has wasted $321 million on duplicate IT programs

The U.S. Government Accountability Office has dug into the IT spending and found a lot of waste in three federal departments.
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The U.S. government budgets more than $82 billion each year for information technology—a massive amount entangled in an even bigger bureaucracy.

And so, perhaps unsurprisingly, the Government Accountability Office found redundant investments in IT that amounted to $321 million over a five-year period (hat tip All Things Digital).

The GAO reviewed 590 IT investments and identified 12 potentially duplicative ones at three federal agencies—the departments of Homeland Security, Defense and Health and Human Services—between fiscal years 2008 and 2013.

Some of the redundancies include two programs in Homeland Security that support immigration enforcement booking management. The GAO found four redundant program at DOD, including two that track health care status of warfighters (one of these has since been cancelled) and two that manage dental care.

The DOD intends to consolidate the dental systems by 2015, but has yet to develop a plan on how to accomplish this, the GAO said in its study.

Graphic: GAO

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