US government to close 800 datacentres

The US government is planning to close around 40 percent of its datacentres nationwide by 2015 as it looks to save money

The US government will be closing down 40 percent of its computer datacentres, in an effort to reduce spending and step up its technology infrastructure.

That breaks down to roughly 800 datacentres out of the 2,000 currently open nationwide. The US already spends about $80bn (£49bn) per year on IT, and the closures could free up as much as $5bn per year as well as many acres of real estate.

However, not all of these datacentres will be shut down at once. Currently, the plan is to shutter 195 locations by the end of 2011. That will be extended to 373 by the end of 2012 and 800 by 2015.

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