US memo on insider threats leaked

Document formulated in response to WikiLeaks and questions whether government agencies handling national security documents have adequate data security.

A White House memo on how to improve data security in the wake of the publication of hundreds of thousands of leaked US documents on WikiLeaks has been leaked.

Leaked memo on WikiLeaks aftermath

The memo, which was circulated to the heads of U.S. government departments and agencies on Jan. 3, was handed to MSNBC news. The document was formulated in response to leaks to the WikiLeaks Web site by whistleblowers and designed for use by agencies handling classified material.

The memo asks whether government agencies that handle national security documents have adequate data security practices in place, including appropriate access controls. The document provides a checklist, with questions including whether disparate information about employee evaluations, polygraph tests and IT auditing of user activities, are pieced together to give indicators of insider threats. The memo also asks whether the agency uses psychiatrists and sociologists to gauge employee "despondence and grumpiness as a means to gauge waning trustworthiness".

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