US Report: Adobe proposes graphics markup language to the W3C

Adobehas submitted a proposal for a vector graphics language to the World Wide Web Consortium.

The PGML (Precision Graphics Markup Language) proposal was submitted to the standards-making body earlier this week by Adobe, along with IBM, Netscape and Sun Microsystems. PGML is a two-dimensional graphics language for controlling layout, fonts, color and printing.

The specification would be compatible with drawing and illustration programs and enable graphic artists to export vector graphics to the Web while retaining image quality.

Adobe said PGML would provide users with faster downloads, better graphics interaction, resolution-independent printing and "zoom" effects without plug-ins.

PGML, which is based on Adobe's PostScript and Portable Document Format technologies, would also be compatible with eXtensible Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets and Document Object Model.

The text of the PGML submission is on the W3C site at