US Report: Caldera launches Linux certification

You know an operating system has made it to the big leagues when it has its own certification. Welcome Linux to the pros.

Caldera will launch the first Linux certification program, the Certified Linux Engineer (CLE), in the first quarter of 1999.

While Caldera is launching CLE, it is "Linux training by Caldera," rather than "Caldera Linux Training," says Dean Taylor, Caldera's director of business development. The key difference, says Taylor, is that "we want to see Linux succeed. While our first courses will be Caldera Linux-oriented, the aim is to focus on Linux International's Linux Standard Base (LSB) as it becomes real."

As the first step toward CLE certification, Caldera is launching a training program. The first courses, to be available in fourth quarter, will cover Linux System Administration 1 and 2. The first course will offer an introduction to Linux for system managers. The second probes deeper into security, advanced networking and the Linux kernel.

Longer term, separate courses with a reseller twist will offer more interoperability training. Course beta testing will start in the US by mid-August.

Caldera also is talking with several companies to find one that will serve as an independent group to create and administer certification testing.

Each of these developments could help Linux land more businesses.