US Report: Microsoft sued by 150 million users

A 'potential class action' lawsuit has been filed in Louisiana against Microsoft, centering on bugs in Windows software.

As Windows 98 readies for a heavily fanfared launch, two people in Louisiana -- Ramel Kelly and Patrick Antoine -- have filed the action on behalf of an estimated 150 million software buyers. Among other requests for relief, the suit asks for refunds.

The judge of the 19th Judicial District Court near Baton Rouge will now have to "certify the class," that is, decide exactly who would be eligible for any damages. As the suit specifically names Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT, that could be any of the 150 million users of Microsoft's operating system software.

Numerous claims in the suit allege that Microsoft failed to fully test Windows, failed to detect all defects, failed to warn purchasers of "all the vices and defeats" associated with the use of Windows, and failed to provide all purchasers with "corrective technical information" free of charge.

Among the alleged bugs: disk fragmentation, application crashes and loss of work.

Microsoft told ZDNN it has no comment at this time.