US Report: Netscape won't make a play for Linux

Contrary to industry-wide speculation, Netscape is not likely to exchange wedding vows with Caldera or any other Linux operating system vendor anytime soon.
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

Netscape's recent bravado surrounding Linux has led some industry insiders to speculate that the browser maker was planning to bid for one of several Linux players.

However, executives from all the prime candidates deny having any discussions with Netscape, and insist they would rather go it alone than team up with the Internet software developer. "We're not in discussions with anyone right now," said Ransom Love, general manager of Open Linux at Caldera. "We're an independent enabler and we're planning on staying this way."

Singing the same tune is Red Hat Software another key commercial Linux developer. "We're an end-to-end solutions provider. Jumping over to Netscape would not make sense within our business model," said company president Bob Young.

Even if the guarded speculation had been true, such a move would pitch Netscape into the OS arena - an industry many observers don't see Netscape thriving in. Netscape declined to comment on any potential Linux acquisition.

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