US Report: Sun Applauds DoJ Action

Sun Microsystems praised the actions of the Department of Justice (DoJ)and 20 state attorneys general which filed antitrust suits Monday against Microsoft.

A Sun spokeswoman said her company was "gratified that the DoJ and 20 state attorneys general have recognised what businesses and consumers have instinctively known - that no one company should gain a choke hold on the Internet".

Lisa Poulson, group manager of corporate affairs, said Sun has been co-operating with ongoing investigations but declined to comment on whether Sun had had any direct role in supplying the evidence that led to the filing of the antitrust suits.

Sun issued a brief statement saying that it "applauds the DoJ, the 20 state attorneys general and the District of Columbia" for filing the suits, saying they had struck a blow for "vigorous competition".

When asked if the filing might improve the prospects of Solaris and other Unix systems vs. Microsoft's Windows NT, which so far has been unnamed in the filings, she said: "We haven't gotten there yet. We're sure there'll be an impact on the software industry at large, but we haven't figured out what it will be beyond the browser space."