US Report: Sun, MS delay Java trial

A July 31 hearing on Sun's lawsuit against Microsoft will be postponed until September 4.

The two plan to argue whether Sun should be granted a temporary injunction to stop Windows 98 and Microsoft tools from shipping until they comply with Sun's Java. Last week they filed a joint stipulation asking that the hearing be postponed. "There is a huge amount of work to be done and there's no need for us not to be reasonable. We are just now getting access to certain information from Microsoft," said a Sun spokeswoman.

A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed Sun's comments, saying both sides needed additional time. However, she said, Sun's motion to unseal certain documents in the case will still be heard on July 31.

Sun sued Microsoft last October in a U.S. District Court in San Jose, claiming Microsoft had violated its Java license agreement. This latest move drags out the suit.

The Court has yet to set a trial date and could also set an additional hearing for any other motions to be filed by Microsoft or Sun.