USB 2.0 speed to hit streets next week

USB 2.0. It's coming and it's fast... very fast.

Major PC hardware and software vendors will team up at the USB 2.0 Developers Conference on October 12 to finalise the target speed of the new interconnect specification.

The USB Promoter Group, comprised of Microsoft, Intel, Compaq, HP, Lucent, Philips and NEC, will finalise a draft of the specification to be announced live on and Intel's homepage at 10:30am PDT, or 6:30pm BST, Tuesday October 12th.

The latest target speed of USB 2.0, according to Intel, is up to 30 to 40 times faster than the existing USB 1.1. The increase in speed would put USB 2.0's rate at around 360-to-480Mbit/s.

All will be revealed next Tuesday.