UsBidi intelligent charger will mean your phone will never get fried

UsBidi has launched an 'intelligent' charger which will give your mobile device longer lasting charges.

Sydney, Australia based UsBidi has launched its Kickstarter campaign for what it calls its 'intelligent charger'. In a week the company has smashed its $35,000 goal with over $223,000 pledged so far.

UsBidi intelligent charger will mean your phone will never get fried ZDNet

A lot of us leave our phones and tablets plugged in charging for extended periods, such as overnight. The UsBidi charger has an automatic power shut-off when the battery is charged.

When left plugged in after the battery is full, a regular charger will create mini-charging-cycles and increase temperature in the device. This will damage the battery and shortening its life. The automatic shut-off feature is comparable to an "auto-unplug" function.

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There are two versions of the charger with either a lightening or USB connector. The charger can can charge your phone twice as fast as a regular charger.

The charger can also be used to sync your smartphone or tablet.

If you touch the button to switch modes when you are finished syncing, it will speed up the charging time, refilling your phone's battery at twice the usual speed.

It has magnetic ends which enable you to keep the charger stowed without the mess of regular cables.

It also has an LED indicator to shows whether your phone is syncing, fast charging, or fully charged. It has been designed with braided cable to extend durability.

The cable is available in three lengths: 1 foot (0.3 metre), 3 feet (0.9 metre), and 6 feet (1.8 metre) lengths, and will be available in a variety of colors starting at $18.

"We set out to safeguard device batteries because regular chargers can be damaging when left plugged in, not to mention wasteful," said inventor, Xiaowu Yan.

UsBidi is a cool looking charge cable that stores neatly, does not tangle and shuts off when it has finished charging. I have been waiting for something like this to come along and now it is finally here.

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