Useful accessory for the road warrior: Belkin Travel Rockstar

This small gadget coming soon from Belkin packs a wallop with two grounded AC outlets, a fast-charging USB port, surge protector, and an internal battery for charging phones.


Business travelers will be able to lighten the load when the Belkin Travel Rockstar is released in a few weeks. This device can do it all, from keeping gadgets charged with the 3,000 mAh internal battery to providing two grounded (and surge protected) AC outlets. It adds a 2 amp USB port to the mix for fast charging of phones.

The Rockstar weighs 0.62 pounds and is only 2.66 x 5 x 1.6 inches, so it easily fits in the smallest gear bag. The 615 Joules of surge protection provided by the Belkin is good insurance to protect expensive mobile devices on the road.

The capacity of the internal battery is not large so it's more suited for charging phones than tablets or other large devices.

The Belkin Travel Rockstar will be available September 10 for $59.99 on Amazon.