VA will search for misuse of data

Unisys offers a year of free credit monitoring to vets, while Nicholson says data protection an 'important priority.'

Although VA Secretary Jim Nicholson is still not returning his earlier offer to provide free credit checks for 26.5 million vets whose information was located on a stolen laptop, he has arranged for data analysis company ID Analytics to detect potential patterns of credit misuse of the information, AP reports.

VA subcontractor Unisys Corp., which just lost a desktop machine with 38,000 veterans' information, also agreed to provide one year of free credit monitoring.

"Protecting veterans from fraud and abuse remains an important priority for VA," Nicholson said in a written statement. "Data breach analysis will provide VA with additional assurances that veterans' personal information remains unharmed."
ID Analytics will provide an initial analysis of several industries to determine if there has been any suspicious activity involving the veterans' information. It will then provide follow-up reports every three months for an unspecified period at no cost to veterans or the government, the VA said.