VCE launches new converged all-flash system

VCE has rolled out new Vblock converged infrastructure systems that include the latest technologies from investors Cisco and EMC.

VCE, the converged infrastructure joint venture of Cisco and EMC, rolled out new Vblock Systems, including an all-Flash based model.


The launch of the systems comes as VCE continues to make inroads by integrating the latest technologies from Cisco, EMC and VMware into one bundle so that the parts act as one whole. VCE's revenue flows into the top lines of its investors.

Meanwhile, converged systems continue to be a hot market as vendors such as IBM, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and others all try to offer pre-integrated cloud building blocks. VCE, like other major players, is courting the hybrid cloud market, which revolves around a mix of data center gear and public computing resources.

Of the new VCE launches two standout: The Vblock System 540, which is the first all-flash converged system, and technology extensions that will be supported. The 540 combines Cisco's Unified Computing System and Nexus ACI-Ready networking gear with EMC's XtremIO storage. The 540 is aimed at cloud, mobile and big data workloads.

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The technology extensions will cover EMC Isilon storage systems and Cisco UCS systems. Under the extension arrangement, VCE customers can buy EMC and Cisco gear that can be attached to Vblocks and get unified support.

Todd Pavone, executive vice president of product development and strategy, said that VCE's aim is to integrate the latest gear from EMC and Cisco as quickly as possible. Pavone said VCE may never get to "day zero," but the venture is integrated with the engineering teams from EMC and Cisco and have access to the 12- to 18-month product roadmaps.

Increasingly, VCE's value add will revolve around its own software that takes the integrated parts and makes them function as one system.

VCE also is including pre-tested and validated cloud management software for its Vblock Systems. Initially, VCE will include Cisco's UCS Director software and VMware's vCloud Automation Center and Operations Management Suite.

The cloud management applications aren't surprising given VCE's investors, but Pavone said that the future could also include BMC, CA and integration with other app management vendors.

Other VCE launches include:

  • The Vblock System 240, which is a converged system for mid-sized businesses and remote offices. This system emulates a similar market expansion move made by Cisco and its UCS effort.

  • System 740, which includes Cisco UCS, Nexus ACI-Ready networking and EMC's VMAX 3 storage.