VCE launches new converged systems, sets path for future

VCE, now an EMC portfolio company, set up a path forward that offers VMware's software defined networking software.

VCE, in its first product announcement since EMC largely bought out Cisco as a joint venture partner, launched a series of systems that position it as a portfolio company of the storage giant.

The company's new converged systems set up an architecture that aims to bring a fabric approach to the networking layer, provide a new category that offers a choice between Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) or VMware's NSX for software defined networking and update its management software.

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At a high level, VCE's additions include:

  • VCE Vscale architecture, which provides a fabric to interconnect multiple converged infrastructure systems and data center blocks.
  • VCE VxBlock systems, a new family of systems that will feature pre-integration, pre-testing and pre-validation, but offer the networking choice between Cisco and VMware.
  • VCE Vision Intelligent Operations 3.0, which will offer a unified view of multiple converged systems.
  • Technology extensions to existing Vblock systems, EMC Isilon storage and Cisco UCS compute.
  • Hybrid cloud integration to VMware NSX, vRealize and EMC's ViPR software defined storage.
  • Vblock System 540 and 740.

Of those additions, the VxBlock systems are the most notable. The addition of VxBlocks mean that VCE has two categories of converged systems. The VBlock systems are the Cisco-EMC-VMware collaboration that served the company well since inception. The VxBlocks give VCE an avenue to add technologies in the future.


VCE Trey Layton, chief technology officer, said that VxBlocks are about customer choice and noted that they still continue to use Cisco technology. The general idea is that the VxBlock systems provide a layer so customers can integrate their existing technologies.

"The Vscale architecture gives us an aggregation layer for SAN and LAN to aggregate multiple Vscale blocks. We can introduce other technology in the future," said Layton.


VCE's goal is to assemble a data center at scale in a way that can integrate multiple systems. "Instead of buying islands of infrastructure, we're trying to tear down silos," added Layton.

As for pricing, VCE doesn't disclose list pricing since each customer has various requirements.