Veeam Management Pack v7 for System Center

Veeam believes that Microsoft System Center users want the same view into a Hyper-V virtual machine environment that VMware's vCenter users enjoy. The company's new Management Pack v7 for System Center's support for Hyper-V directly addresses that need.

Veeam introduced me to the new features of version 7 of its Management Pack for System Center and explained that its software gives users of Microsoft's Hyper-V and System Center Operations Manager the same type of monitoring and insight into virtual machine operations that administrators of VMware's vSphere-based environments have had for quite some time. Ratmir Timashev, President and CEO of Veeam, pointed out that this includes monitoring of and visibility into the operation of Microsoft's Hyper-V.

Quick overview of new features in version 7

Here's what Veeam has to say about the new featuers included in Management Pack for System Center version 7:

New features in Veeam MP v7 include:

  • Hyper-V real-time performance metrics: Gives Hyper-V administrators detailed real-time insight into what is happening in their environment. Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V displays real-time memory CPU consumption for the host and each associated VM.
  • Capacity planning for hybrid clouds: Takes the time and guesswork out of planning hybrid cloud environments. Veeam MP v7 analyzes on-premise virtual workloads and recommends the appropriate Microsoft Azure or VMware vCloud Hybrid Service resources so that IT can efficiently plan and budget for a hybrid cloud strategy.
  • vSphere host security profile reporting: Provides IT with visibility into vSphere security settings for firewalls and services including changes, when changes occurred, who changed it and other critical details needed to track security configuration.
  • Enhanced Veeam MP deployment automation: Reduces the time and effort needed to deploy Veeam MP to support the largest of VMware environments by automatically deploying collection components.

Snapshot analysis

One of the challenges organizations face when moving workloads into virtual or cloud-based environments is gaining visibility into and understanding of the moment-to-moment operations of their virtual machines. Veeam and at least 20 other suppliers have each taken it upon themselves to develop ways to gather operational data about the virtual systems executing in virtual environments, analyze that data and offer IT administrators tools to understand and manage those virtual environments.

When I speak with users of Veeam's technology, I often hear that the tools offered by the company have made a measurable difference in IT administrators' ability to keep things running smoothly.

Will those tools help your organization? The answer clearly is "it depends." If your computing environment includes a mix of VMware and Microsoft virtual environments, Veeam could be a good addition to your company's software portfolio.