Veritas Netbackup has Microsoft's stamp

VERITAS NetBackup enterprise backup solution receives MicrosoftWindows 2000 endorsement. The solution integrates Windows 2000 server and client support with existing Windows NT compatibility.

VERITAS NetBackup enterprise backup solution receives key Microsoft Windows 2000 endorsement

VERITAS Software Corporation, the data availability company, announced that VERITAS NetBackup has received the "Certified for Windows 2000" logo. This logo signifies that version 3.4.1 of VERITAS NetBackup, an enterprise-class backup and recovery solution for heterogeneous environments, meets Microsoft's standards.

Last year, VERITAS Software received Windows 2000 certification from Microsoft for VERITAS Backup Exec, the company's data protection solution for Windows workgroup environments.

"By obtaining the Certified for Windows logo, VERITAS Software guarantees its customers that NetBackup offers reliability with Windows 2000," said Peter Ollodart, group manager for strategic partners at Microsoft Corp.

Enterprise-Class Protection for Windows 2000

Version 3.4.1 of VERITAS NetBackup offers protection for the Windows 2000 operating environment, including Active Directory and System State. The enterprise-class solution integrates Windows 2000 server and client support with existing Windows NT compatibility.

It also incorporates Microsoft Cluster Server protection and failover capabilities and offers client compression for Windows NT and Windows 2000 environments to reduce network traffic overhead. In addition to its support for Windows 2000, VERITAS NetBackup offers support for other popular computing platform, including UNIX derivatives, NetWare, Macintosh, Linux and many others.

VERITAS NetBackup Solutions

VERITAS NetBackup is an enterprise data protection solution providing centralized control from a single management interface, as it delivers backup and recovery solutions extending from the desktop to the data centre.

The VERITAS NetBackup product family includes VERITAS NetBackup DataCentre, designed for protecting terabytes of data in large enterprise environments; VERITAS NetBackup BusinessServer, a backup and recovery solution for smaller UNIX and Windows networks; and VERITAS NetBackup Professional, which offers automated data protection for desktops and mobile laptops.

The VERITAS VERTEX Initiative is a set of VERITAS NetBackup solutions that utilizes breakthrough snapshot backup technology to eliminate backup windows and speed data recovery.