Verizon Communications

Founded in 1983, Verizon employs more than 235,000 people and provides wired and wireless telephone services as well as Internet access and television services.

Verizon Communications is a telecommunications company based in New York City, the United States.

Founded in 1983 with the merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE, the company employs more than 235,000 people.

Verizon provides wired and wireless telephone services, Internet access services and television services in the United States.

In June, the telecommunications company announced plans to buy U.S. regional cell phone operator Alltel for US$28.1 billion. The acquisition is expected to unseat rival AT&T and make Verizon the largest cell phone company in the United States.

For the third quarter that ended Sep. 30, Verizon reported a 31 percent increase in profits year-on-year, to US$1.67 billion from US$1.27 billion. The company's revenue grew by 4.1 percent to US$24.75 billion from US$23.77 billion.