Verizon customers have nationwide data outage, again

Verizon customers are experiencing a nationwide data outage, the second in recent weeks.

Update: Verizon may have the reputation of the nation's most reliable data network, with the biggest LTE coverage, but a nationwide outage brought it all to a screeching halt today. The company isn't making an official statement about the problem and when a fix could be expected. This is the second major outage for Big Red in just a few weeks.

Not all Verizon customers are experiencing the loss of data connectivity, and those who are report varying loss of service. In my home office in Houston, two iPhones never lost 3G connectivity while two LTE phones have no 3G or 4G coverage. Another LTE phone has been able to get to the slow Verizon 1X network sporadically, but not the 3G/4G networks.

Update: Verizon sent me this statement about the outage:

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE service is returning to normal this morning, after company engineers worked to resolve an issue with the 4G network during the early morning hours today.   Throughout this time, 4G LTE customers were able to make voice calls and send and receive text messages. The 3G data network operated normally.

Image credit: Flickr user eliu500