Verizon launches credential cloud service

Smart Credential aims to integrate various authentication and identity tools and provide one credential for accessing systems as well as buildings.

Verizon on Monday launched a smart credential service that combines various authentication tools to validate users to access buildings and systems.

The service, launched by Verizon's enterprise unit, is dubbed Smart Credential. The service, available in US, Europe and Asia-Pacific, allows the following:

  • Access to buildings and facilities
  • Access to networks and systems
  • Authentication to online systems
  • Digital signature and encryption tools

Verizon said it will offer Smart Credential under a software-as-a-service model with subscriptions to better target existing public key infrastructure tools. Smart Credential will be delivered through Verizon's datacenters in Culpeper, VA, Amsterdam and Canberra, AU.

According to Verizon, Smart Credential can be issued as tokens that are up to US federal government security standards and can work with password and biometric systems.

Verizon's recent Data Breach Investigation Report highlighted how two-thirds of data breaches include lost or stolen credentials.