Verizon launches managed security service

Verizon's enterprise unit said it has launched a managed security service aimed at businesses of all sizes. Today, the service is delivered via an appliance with a cloud offering on deck.

Verizon on Thursday launched a turnkey managed security service that it hopes will appeal to enterprises of all sizes.

The telecom giant's enterprise unit outlined Unified Security Services (USS). The services will come in three tiers and are designed to be an IT security team in a box. Verizon will use its networking expertise to protect networks and the data flowing into an enterprise.

At launch, Vincent Lee, director of product at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, USS will be an on-premise appliance that will include things like firewall protection, VPN, anti-virus and anti-spam as well as Wi-Fi segmentation. Higher levels will offer security for Layer 7 network access controls and advanced encryption.

In the Fall, USS will be a cloud service. The U.S. is the first market with Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Canada in 2016.

"Our first target market is the Verizon customer, but we can deploy this service on anyone's circuit," said Lee.

For the on-premise deployment, Verizon would drop ship an appliance with its partner Fortinet. Lee said the idea is that USS would take out a lot of the research and heavy security lifting. A prospective customer would also get a survey that would help determine proper settings. From there, Verizon will manage the security.

Lee said the USS appliance is "geared toward smaller customers." The service also depends on the size of the circuit. Larger enterprises could use the appliance for remote offices and branches.

As for the cloud service later this year, USS pricing will start at about $100 a month for the lowest tier service. The lowest cost on-premise deployment runs $500 a month with the highest tier of $2000 a month.

USS will come with three tiers of service---basic, intermediate and advanced---with event monitoring, alerts, access to Verizon's security team, device upgrades and patch management as a base tier.