Verizon pushing Jelly Bean to Galaxy Nexus

The update to Android 4.2 includes new camera and keyboard features.

The Galaxy Nexus has been out for a while, and owners of the Verizon model will be happy to hear they are not forgotten. Verizon has begun rolling out a major update that will take the Nexus to Android 4.2, also known as Jelly Bean.

Image: Verizon Wireless

According to Verizon the update brings a new panoramic camera function that takes 360-degree photos. There are also camera features for applying filters and borders to photos.

The keyboard is updated with the Gesture Keyboard, which brings Swype-like input to the Galaxy Nexus. Words are entered by swiping a finger from one letter to another, spelling the desired word.

You can also put widgets on the lock screen, providing easy access to apps such as Calendar, Gmail, and Clock.

The update will be pushed to the Galaxy Nexus, and owners will be informed when it is ready for the install.