Verizon suffers from date related LTE WiFi hotspot bug

Verizon continues to have growing pains with LTE and now it seems that the WiFi hotspot utility won't run with the current time selected.

I like to use my Droid Charge as a LTE WiFi hotspot on the train, but as I was heading home last night the hotspot utility kept quitting on me. I tried multiple ways to get this running without any luck, even after rebooting my Charge. A quick search of my favorite Android sites revealed there was an apparent issue with the WiFi hotspot utility failing for all Android owners trying to use this utility. I still have not seen a single Verizon comment or acknowledgement of the issue.

I did find this post on Android Central where someone suggested resetting your time to 31 May or earlier and after I did that the hotspot utility worked just fine. There are supposed to be 2 weeks left in the free WiFi tethering trial period, but if Verizon cannot keep LTE up and running on these devices on a consistent basis I don't see why anyone would ever pay for this lack of service.

Did you experience the outage and if so, did you set your time back to get it working until Verizon rolls out a fix?

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