Verizon Wireless and the stealth update

Verizon Wireless updated my HTC Thunderbolt last night. I wasn't given notice. I wasn't give a chance to opt out. Bad move Verizon Wireless.

I was awakened at 2 AM this morning when my HTC Thunderbolt rebooted itself.  It appears that Verizon Wireless downloaded and installed an operating system update without asking me, without giving me any clue to what was being updated and without giving me a chance to opt out.

Could this be considered virtual breaking and entering? Can I call the police. Unfortunately no.

I've been searching the Verizon Wireless website in the hopes of finding out more about what was in this update. All I found was a page offering a sketchy PDF file containing little to no information.

My alarms were canceled.  Verizon bloatware that I had stopped was re-enabled once again.

In one way, I'm fortunate that I was awakened so that I could reset the alarm.

Bad move Verizon Wireless.  What was so important that you couldn't have informed me what you were doing and give me a chance to opt in?