Versatile outdoor lamp uses gravity to automatically adjust its beam

The new Tulip Lantern uses a patented lens that automatically adjusts the light beam based on the orientation of the lamp.

Just in time for the weather to be warm enough to let us crawl out of hiding and venture into the great outdoors, a new high-tech camping light has been developed to light our way. And, it's also useful in the home, for those with more indoor-themed adventures ahead.

Created by Snow Peak, an outdoor equipment company known for their innovative technology and creative design, the new "Tulip Lantern" is just that: it uses a patented focusing lens that automatically adjusts the light beam.

The lantern uses 250 Lumen LED bulbs, whose steam of light is determined by gravity-- the beam changes depending on the position of the lamp, and can be used hanging in nature or on a table inside, and anything in between.

According to the designers, "the snake-like stem allows you to bend and point the light in any direction. This versatile light has already become a favorite among many who are looking for a lantern to replace their aging bulky propane lantern."

When on a low setting, the lamp's battery can last for over 100 hours. The Tulip Lantern will be available later this March.

[Cool Hunter]
Images: Snow Peak

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