Via Nano to take on Intel's Atom

Via has released an energy-efficient CPU aimed at competing directly with Atom, Intel's latest mobile processor.
Written by Alex Serpo, Contributor

Taiwanese chip manufacturer Via Technologies has released a new energy-efficient CPU, the Via Nano, which will go head-to-head with Intel's latest mobile processor, Atom.

According to a whitepaper released by Via last week, the Nano "will initially power a range of [mini] notebooks", putting it in direct competition with Intel's Atom, released in Shanghai in April.

At 21mm by 21mm, the Nano is based on Fujitsu's 65nm (nanometer) architecture, and is Via's first 64-bit CPU. Via claims the Nano will process four times as much data per watt as its predecessor, the Via C7. The Via C7 chipset powers HP's Mini-Note PC.

Via's new Nano range includes five processors, ranging between 1.0GHz (5W) and 1.8GHz (25W) with bus speeds of 800MHz. The Nano range is based on Via's Isaiah architecture.

Via claims the 1.8GHz Nano performs around two-and-a-half times faster on browser and standard office tasks compared with a C7 at the same clock speed.

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