Vic Govt seeks feedback on IT procurement overhaul

The Victorian Government wants to know what the industry makes of plans to scrap its eServices panel for an eServices register, allowing anyone to join or leave, as long as they meet the new, lower barrier to entry.

The Victorian Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips is calling upon the IT industry to weigh in on its plans to overhaul the way the state government procures IT services.

In a high level implementation plan (DOC), the Victorian Government is proposing a new eServices register, which Rich-Phillips said would improve the efficiency of IT services procurement. Such efficiencies include reducing the cost of contract set-up, administration and maintenance. It is scheduled to be put in place by July next year.

The plan outlines how the new register will work, its benefits, timelines for its implementation and risk and mitigation strategies. The proposed register will offer suppliers and government departments the ability to rate service delivery and engagement via an online portal.

"We have also proposed to abolish the limit on the number of businesses on the register and the number of sub-categories that can be selected," Rich-Phillips said. There will also be no limits on contract values.

Businesses on the existing eServices panel will be automatically transferred to the new register. Other businesses interested in being included on the new register will need to prove that they are financially sustainable, have the relevant insurance policies in place and sign the necessary agreements with the government.

The lower barrier to entry means that more companies will be able to sign on to the register at any time, including overseas companies, and the new application process is expected to take hours, rather than days or weeks.

"This is a move toward a more flexible procurement model to give more companies, including small and medium enterprises, an opportunity to conduct business with government," Rich-Phillips said.

Organisations have until 24 August to provide feedback on the plan.