Victorinox carving set: Top slicer

The sharpest tool in the kitchen drawer.
Written by Amy Kraft, Weekend Editor on

Feeling a little intimidated about slicing up the holiday bird? Don't be. With Victorinox's two-piece forged carving set, you'll be prepared to carve with Swiss precision.

The eight-inch carving knife and carving fork are made using a hot-drop forging process that heats the steel and then hammers it into shape for a stronger, more durable metal.

The curved handle should allow for a comfortable grip as you carve; its plastic makeup allows for much more effective cleaning afterward. Which is a good thing -- when you gather with family around the dinner table, you'll want to smell the turkey, not the tool.

2-piece forged carving set is available at the Victorinox Swiss Army website. $211.

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