Video: An astronaut's view of Earth in real time

A nearly 20-foot-in-diameter globe unveiled in Japan displays Earth's current appearance in more than 10 million pixels using constantly updated satellite images.

A new, gigantic Japanese globe unveiled in Tokyo features 10,362 OLED panels that show constantly updated satellite images of Earth.

The nearly 20-foot-in-diameter globe, called Geo-Cosmos, displays Earth's current appearance in more than 10 million pixels, an incredibly high resolution that is ten times sharper than the previous model, built with LED panels.

The interactive exhibit at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation also features interactive touchscreens that allow visitors to browse earth science images and data from all over the world. For instance, the touchscreens feature simulations of the March 11th earthquake that triggered the massive tsunami in northeast Japan.

Watch museum-goers marveling at the globe and playing with the interactive displays:

Photo: screenshot

via: Popular Science

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